Tips For the Perfect VALENTINE'S GIFT

We agree that without a huge dose of love a gift would never be that perfect, but why not to help good intentions sending a subtle message about what you really want?

Perhaps this article could help to express yourself for St Valentine’s, Mother’s day, your birthday, anniversary or for that present that doesn’t need a day.

As bag lovers, this is one of our favourite gift zones. And we have discussed the main reasons to choose this very-special-fashion-item-unfairly-condemned-to-a-secondary-role (see ).

This time we are going to focus on the beauty arena, a place that with good advice is always a good path to a successful gift.

  • A good bag is a lifetime gift
  • A classic with a twist is never boring
  • Especially if it is versatile enough to match different tones and to challenge the autumn/winter dark – spring/summer light palette.
  • When Beautiful design marries functional design (a bag designed for a heavy user bag lover) and really understands the one that you love.

So, for those special day, for that special person, we strongly recommend our four models and its many variations from our Singapore Collection (yes, you are right, specially designed).