What do you need to know to make a good match color

The relationship we have with the clothes in our closet means a lot for each one of us, maybe they are just items but they are also a representation of our personality. Some people are austere in their wardrobe and have only essential clothes, however, for others, the role that each garment, handbag, or accessory may play a very important place in their lives, and dropping off an article can be torture.

And, it doesn’t matter how many items we have in our closet, we always get the question: what to wear and how to combine it?

The most important thing, when we think about buying new clothes, is to change our habits, choose consciously, and value materials and durability. But we must also be open to versatile accessories that can be useful for any occasion. This is where a handbag takes on fundamental importance as a piece that can change a whole outfit. One important factor to take into account would be not only the right color but also the design and the material of the handbag.

And even though fashion is in constant change and movement, to combine a handbag with the rest of our clothing it is important to take into account some details:

  • The extremes: For a proper combination, you can choose colors that are similar to each other or opposed, taking into consideration that the visual must be kept.
  • Create your own style: You have to listen to your own creativity, because first of all, a handbag reflects our personality in clothing and gives a message to the people around us.
  • The color black: It is the color par excellence to combine with everything, as long as it has the visual power to transmit your look.
  • Combined tones: They attract attention in any outfit, but the rest of the items should be less jazzy, so the handbag can stand out.
  • Scarves and pashminas: You can add this detail to your outfit, depending on the season. The light tones reinforce the luminosity and complement the look.
  • Elegance: Distinction and elegance not only consist of dressing in a fashionable way but also in dressing appropriately for each occasion, always opting for successful trends.

At Carla Busso, you will find different styles for each type of outfit and handbags that were created to combine multiple colors and match different events. It is important that the colors you choose make you feel beautiful and admired. And, leaving the color and the style of the handbag aside, if you carry a Carla Busso with elegance and trust in the power of your presence, it will always be a success.

Innovate and take risks!