The Best Leather

"We don't know who discovered water, but it wasn't a fish”.
Marshall McLuhan

Argentina is famous for many things, from football to steak. That is the standard for the locals, but, when you look closer (or sometimes, from afar) you discover how amazing those things are.

Leather was a common ingredient in a Spanish colony far-far in the far South in the 1600's and 1700's. It was easier to make daily life objects from this ever present material. There was a time when “Gauchos” used to kill cattle only to eat the tongue (considered a delicacy) and left leather, meat and the rest to scavengers.

When the country started to integrate to the world economy, leather became more and more valuable and a complete, sophisticated industry was born; craftsmanship was developed and inherited from generation to generation and enriched by the Italian and Spanish immigration from the 1880's to the post war era.

Our handbags rediscover the tradition of those artisans that make a ceremony of selecting the best pieces (and best means “The best”). We are proud of those long hours learning tips from this passionate advisors, masters of one of the noblest materials from Río de la Plata.

How to describe the perfume of those workshops?

Have you discovered Argentinian leather?

Our brand comes from a fresh mixture between Italian designs and Argentinian best leathers.