The 10 Best Leather Bags for Women

The best leather bags for women are those that are versatile, stylish, and made to last. And fortunately, you don’t need to buy dozens and dozens of them in order to build a complete collection.

There’s something to be said for focusing your handbag purchases on the essentials and investing in leather bags that will serve you well for many years to come. With that in mind, we’re breaking down the 10 best bags to complement any woman’s wardrobe, including a quick look at why quality really does count for more than quantity.

How Many Purses Should a Woman Own?

How many handbags do you need? It’s a subjective question, but you may actually need fewer than you think.

Luxury leather handbags are made to be timeless additions to your closet. That means that you don’t have to continually buy new bags in order to get your needs met—you just need to choose the right bags from the start.

As for the magic number, that’s up to you. But, there are 10 bags that you should definitely be including no matter what if you want to cover all of your bases.

10 Bags Every Woman Should Own

Curate your handbag collection with these 10 leather designs every woman should have.

1. The Crossbody

A crossbody is an everyday, hands-free bag that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. To ensure you get a ton of use out of yours, look for one with an adjustable strap and well-placed interior pockets.

2. The Clutch

You’ll get so much use out of a clutch, whether you’re dressing for a date night or just need something to grab on your way to the store. Choose a neutral leather to get the most versatility, and make sure you can fit the basics.

3. The Baguette

A baguette bag is small enough to function similarly to a clutch but large enough to hold your essentials. Get a nice bonus by choosing one with a removable strap for switching it up depending on your overall look.

4. The Classic Black Tote

You can’t go wrong with a classic black leather tote. This is a bag you can bring anywhere you go without it looking out of place, whether that’s the office, the airport, or the new hotspot in town.

5. The Multicolor Tote

Be sure to get a multicolor tote too for all of the utility of a tote bag with a more stylized color palette. The right color combination is one that works as well with neutrals as it does brighter colors and that won’t look dated in a couple of years.

6. The Hobo Bag

This flexible bag is carried over the shoulder and is large enough to go from day to night and back again. It’s a more casual staple than some others on this list, but a quality hobo bag can definitely pair with higher-end clothing, and it’s a great travel bag to boot.

7. The Mini Backpack

Speaking of travel, don’t forget to bring along a leather mini backpack. This style is super chic, and sits comfortably on both shoulders to distribute weight and make it easier to carry all your must-haves.

8. The Bowling Bag

A bowling bag, also known as a maxi bag, isn’t just for actual bowlers. You can style a luxury bowling bag with pretty much any outfit, especially when you buy it in an elegant neutral color, such as white or cream.

9. The Satchel

Satchels are as useful in the office as they are on weekend errands. Because this is an everyday purse, opt for a darker color that won’t show wear and tear as easily, and one that has large interior pockets.

10. The Weekender

A leather weekender is so much more stylish than a canvas duffle. You may want to get this one in two sizes depending on where you’re going and for how long, but even if you just get one we guarantee you’ll get a ton of use out of it.