I saw it, I was delighted, I bought it!

My Favorite Difficult Decision

While there are extensive bibliography about how to take decisions, so little has been written about a very serious field in women's life as it is the election of the right handbag. You can find some specific articles about buying high quality bags; when you are in that situation, orthodox criteria will generally prevail.

As you don't buy a high quality handbag everyday, you should listen to your most rational side. But (please come closer), don't you regret buying that ultra- classic, boring piece that looks exactly the same that the one you bought before with only a small different detail? After all, what does “classic” mean? Could you replace “classic” by “elegant”? “Mandatory” by “enjoyable"? Why must we follow the season-place-colour formula and Geography decide for me? And we can go on and on with very deep questions.

Times have changed and we need to review some commandments. We have designed our collections taking into account quality, enjoyment and functionality.

We've talked to many heavy users and these are some of the reasons we've found behind the election of “the” handbag. (By the way, how many “thes” do you have?):

  • REWARD: I deserve it. Yes, I REALLY deserve it. I've earned it.
  • TO STAND OUT. I want to catch the eye but in a discrete, positive way. Is a Declaration, It precedes me. Speaks for myself.
  • BRING MY STUFF. There must be room in my handbag for EVERYTHING I need for that occasion. My handbag “understands” me. It supports me no matter the situation and I try to take it everywhere.
  • UNIQUENESS: I need something beautiful, but I couldn't have seen someone else wearing it. I don't want the same things as “people” wear.
  • VALUE: I know that good quality and that uniqueness is related to (reasonable) pricing.
  • I SAW IT, I WAS DELIGHTED, I BOUGHT IT. The decision process is quick, clean and simple (but always carefully planned). 

Don't feel guilty: this is part of the never ending search of beauty and enjoyment that balances your life.

As a handbag lover myself, I consider each of these points when creating a new model or collection for the brand; I understand how difficult is to find “the handbag” and how important is having that unique, rewarding piece.

If you have to take a quick decision, think twice, feel thrice. Look as many times as you can and don't resign comfort, uniqueness and quality. Remember that you must enjoy –not suffer- your handbag and that it must always express yourself. This is our handbag philosophy.