From the Sketchbook to Action

Entrepreneurs say there's a giant leap between intention and action. I consider myself a girl of action, but action needs a plan, and a plan needs a PURPOSE.

I always adored pencils and papers. I fell in love with a notebook that said “She's got wild ideas” and adopted it as my official sketchbook. I couldn't disappoint such beautiful cover and perfect ivory matt paper and started to draw the first traces of “my collection”. At that time it was only a distant dream in that distant box where dreams are, but you must start somewhere. Traveling, courses, books, research were part of that plan.

Once I felt that I've something interesting it was time to prototype. Paper was easier, but I needed to 3D testing my ideas. At this stage, partnership and a generous advice and patience from artisans and workshops devoted to leatherwork for generations were key factor.    

Here are some learnings about the functional side of a handbag that I got from testing:

  • it can't be too heavy (remember that you need the bag to take your belongings, not for the bag itself);
  • it must be not too big, not too small for the user;
  • should be conceived as a piece of clothing, as an extension of the body;
  • big enough to take the things that a girl needs (vs. taking only what your handbag allows you). I think of a bag as some home's extra room;
  • the opening must be wide enough to easily access, see and find what you need.

Regarding design, I'm very respectful about understanding classics and their circumstances and, learning from craftsmanship and tradition, and rethink with a contemporary vision of needs and users. Sooo, a handbag must:

  • be elegant (and that's a decision, not a circular reference);
  • express user's personality (not other's);
  • consider a modern agenda;
  • take traditional colour elections but widen palettes and add life in details (it involves a re-definition of what's considered a detail);
  • be produced in small editions in order to honour that craftsmanship.

Once I was confident I conceived and started to produce my "Taylor Vanda", a baguette mini bag. Imagine the sensations when opening the first box with the first batch, but, wait a minute, it started as a dream!

In brief, handbags created by a girl that loves handbags, with the best available quality, thinking of them not as accessories but as the centre of the scene, as a way of expression. Unique pieces designed, learning from the calm of classics, but infusing some spicy modernity … WHO DOESN'T WANT TO BE UNIQUE?