8 of the Top Leather Gifts for Her

Dazzle your SO this year and think outside of the box with these top leather gifts for her. It’s understandably difficult to come up with fresh and exciting gifts year after year, but these leather gift ideas might just hit all the marks in ways you haven’t considered. Leather is known for its durability and use in protection, so what better way to show off the strength and dependability of your relationship? 

Check out our selection of perfect leather gifts to really make this holiday a special one.

Unique Leather Gifts for Her

For your inspiration, we’ve researched and collected some of the most on-trend and unique leather gift ideas. Consider any of these items for your perfect gift:

  • Leather Jewelry - One of the most timeless, classic gifts is jewelry. Leather jewelry items are durable, edgy, and the perfect statement piece to complement any outfit. Not to mention, the selections are vast. Give your gal a bracelet, necklace, or set of eye-catching earrings. Couple’s bracelets are an easy way to bring intimacy, and necklaces and/or earrings can be delightfully crafted with gems, crystals, or metals to provide a truly stunning and meaningful gift.
  • Handmade Leather Wallet - Be it bi-fold, tri-fold, big or small, a handmade leather wallet can provide both functionality and aesthetic grace. Let your loved one keep their valuables safe and organized in style.
  • Leather Journal - Journals may not be the most exciting leather gift for her, but to the right person, it can mean a lot. While tastes vary, a creative/organized/detailed person will find great use in a cute and stylish writing journal for blogging, drawing, list-making, and more!
  • Leather Accessory Covers - Another functional gift idea – one that’s lasting, functional, and unique – is a leather case or accessory cover. Used mainly for electronics, or other valuables such as passports or vaccination cards, leather covers provide the durability required to keep important information and valuables safe from the elements. As a bonus, leather cases can often be custom-designed and custom-tailored as you wish.
  • Clothing - Who says you can’t go with clothing as one of the luxury leather gifts for her? Look into some high-end belts, boots, gloves, jackets, and other garments that fit her style and shop accordingly! Clothing can certainly be tough to pull off as a gift, but when done correctly, they tend to make massive statements unparalleled to other ideas.
  • Leather Pet Supplies - Got a pet lover as an SO? Leather dog collars, keychains, and accessories correlating to their furry friend can be a super cute idea, especially when budgets are limited.
  • Leather Backpack - Is your significant other the adventurous type? Those who enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, bike riding, and backpacking would love a brand new leather backpack to accompany them on their next adventure. 
  • Leather Bags - Ah yes, the leather bag—one of the biggest statement pieces when it comes to one-of-a-kind leather ideas. Similar to clothing, choosing the perfect leather bag can be hard, so don’t be afraid to ask your SO what her interests are, and draw inspiration from other bags she may already own. When done right, leather handbags, totes, purses, and satchels are a surefire way to make a tremendous statement.

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