How did it all start?

Corporate life could be seen from different points of view. Carefully following the Company –and client- standards vs looking for that innovative, distinctive extra that makes you more competitive. It's clearly related to the proficiency in your specific field but not everything is written in stone: there's some ground for your own election.

I wasn't happy with the ultra-classic, orthodox dressing code. I wanted to comply (and you know how important Compliance is) with those codes but, at the same time, find my own expression. It was a motivation to enjoy the heavy travelling agenda and go treasure hunting during the always scarce free time. You know the experience of going to each store looking for the most original, elegant piece. At the beginning, I loved the most minimalistic, monochromatic designs. Following that outfit election, a handbag (unfairly classified in the “accessories” category) makes the difference. With that insight, I started to invest (yes, to “invest”) on different brands and models. 

In corporate meetings or everyday situations, I was frequently asked about my handbags: “Where could I find it?” / ”Which brand is that model?” / “Could I get a closer look?”, even at the airport gates. There was something there: perhaps I had the ability of discovering what other girls could admire. At the same time –remember that this was kind of a treasure hunt- I was always thinking of the ideal handbag: brand new, unique, conceived as a way of expression and beauty for many users like me, produced in non massive, really small editions. An opportunity, a business, a concept, a purpose…

There was a very extensive research stage, in particular about the marvelous leather craftsmanship tradition, my own Italian roots, and the best workshops and tanneries in Argentina –where I was born and live now. I discovered that together with Italian and German leatherwork, the one that comes from Argentina is the best in the world, and I have decided to leverage that strength. 

Then came a training and prototyping stage: no excuses left, it was the time to go live and meet the right partners.  

The very first model was a tote bag, the multi-colour "Chek Jawa" line, designed thinking how a long day busy agenda could match with elegance and comfort.

That takes us to this amazing TODAY, when dreams and passion become a brand and a healthy dose of pride.

Thanks for traveling with us!