A team with a dream. 

My name is Carla Busso. I was born in Argentina. I'm half Italian and half Italian. I've understood through time that it means double passion for beauty. 

I've developed a corporate career as an Actuary during 20 years. It implies a particular way of looking at the world, care for details and lots of traveling. A heavy use of handbags as well.

Handbags as a statement, as a way of putting some inspiration in a completely classical environment. Handbags as a way to indulge myself and as a source of satisfaction when the –she- CEO of that company, asked me about corporate risks in a meeting, but more important about my leather companion during the break. It was not an exception, and not only at meeting rooms: when I was going to the Gym, walking on the street, meeting my friend's friend's and at the airport gates. (Remember that I'm an Actuary so, at that point I was focused on the perfect handbag).

One day my personal mentor strongly suggested me to develop my creative side. That was the beginning.

Living, learning, DREAMING. I've studied, did extensive research, bought my first tools and my beloved pink and black sketchbook with the phrase “SHE HAS GOT WILD IDEAS”. That's why the business started.

And I, We believe in a particular way of doing business: we believe in collaboration in a world with no boundaries for creativity. Networking, connections, synchronicity; our story is full of that.

Carla Busso Handbag Atelier is a combination of British, Italian, Argentinean and Eastern people. Designers, photographers, soul corporate people, embassies, advisors, friends, that come from different artistic, professional backgrounds, all together with a  purpose, being serious, but enjoying what we do and believing in the power of asking and giving.

What an amazing journey!