I looove travelling. Even with my mind.

When I was a teen, I had to spend three months at home. Nothing serious but a complete, absolute drama for a schoolgirl, missing my classmates and the normal things for someone that age. I needed something to do. There was a huge library in the house and I devoted most of my time to read. It helped my mind to imagine a hundred countries and a thousand cities. I created my own -very visual- world and reshaped those countries: they were just beautiful, perfect. I used to travel light, just with a handbag to take my souvenirs, that were different shades of green, red, blue, a happy, distinctive palette from each part of the globe. In those trips, the lion appeared frequently as a symbol of power, perseverance and fearless attitude.

I believe in utopias and in hard, hard work.

After many years of studies and a corporate career, I've met one of the best parts of my profession: serious travelling. Not long ago, in Milano, I imagined our first collection thinking of those colours, leathers, craftsmanship, precious goods that come from every possible place to an imaginary port, a place where dreams are conceived as perfectly possible.

Beauty, strength, confidence, that's Singapore.


Our first collection, inspired on that Singapore is composed from very limited handbag editions. I designed each model thinking of different usage situations (don't forget I'm a heavy handbags user):

TAYLOR VANDA, our “baguette mini bag”, a unique piece designed to be used all day -and night-, with the right balance between size, function and elegancia.

ADELE PULAU, a proud “maxi bag” inspired by the simple, pure shapes and soft tones of the 50's and 60's but thought as the perfect companion for today.  

CHEK JAWA TOTE, multicolour tote bag, designed as the ideal solution to a traditional complex problem in women's wardrobe that science couldn't solve: to match different tones. It's multicolour palette makes your outfit decisions simpler. Made by Argentinian artisans with Argentinian leather.

MALAY, a functional leather multicolour crossbody bag made in full grain leather, conceived to carry your essentials when you want to travel light or enjoy a walk.

What is your CHOICE?